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The fox fairy is my only faith

Only the chosen believers can enter the sacred realm to witness the wonders of the divine. You shall be blessed to meet the 36 Apostles who bear the ancient legacy. You shall experience the grace of our Lord, and be welcomed into His kingdom. Receive the divine grace and you shall find true salvation. Let us bear witness together.

FoxFairy is the divine emissary.

Humans' failure to abide by the covenant has led to disasters, and the divine will sign a new covenant with humankind in the promised land.

FoxFairy are the representatives of the divine and will assist the divine in signing the covenant with mankind.

Every believer will be blessed by the FoxFairy.

FFP is the embodiment of 6666 FoxFairy, who can enter an exclusive realm to help the FoxFairy rebuild faith and assist the divine in signing the covenant with mankind.

Remember that the 6666 FFPs are but a part of our faith. We must entrench these principles in our hearts in order to find true solace and grace from the Almighty, to live out our faith.

Decentralized Faith

We are devoted to creating a decentralized faith with Fox Fairy as its belief, comprising of doctrines, local chapters, ordinances, orders of knights, apostles, worldviews, moral outlooks, and funds.

Ying No.1
Justin No.2
Bill No.3
Chevy No.4
Church Leaders
Doble No.5
Conceptual artist
Tiger No.6
Jeff No.7
Seed Investor
Apolo No.8
Smart Contract Audit


$ffp is applicable to the ecological economic system of both WEB3 and the fox fairy project.

The FFP DAO is a system that earns tangible rewards in WEB3 through faith, ritual, dedication, doctrine, religious organization, activities, and fund management.

FFP is a token used for a crucial step in building faith and supporting community development.

It will serve as a decentralized protocol layer for community-led initiatives, driving faith into the decentralized world.

Beliefs of the Fox Fairy Project


We embrace setbacks and challenges, and the fox fairy is courageous in innovating to overcome crises and constantly evolve.


One $FFP has the same value as another $FFP.


The faith constructed by the community is unbreakable.


The decision-making process and outcomes of the DAO are fully public.


Partial success is just the beginning.

FFP Foundation

The FFP Foundation is the manager of $ffp.

The foundation promotes fox fairy belief, belief organization, decentralization, community, and roles, with governance and coordination led by believers in the DAO, and aims to gradually move the DAO towards decentralized governance over time.

Its mission is to manage the decision-making process of the Fox Fairy DAO, and be responsible for ensuring the execution of decisions, reporting community results, bookkeeping, daily task management, DAO management, and other tasks, to ensure that the Fox Fairy's beliefs and the ideas of the DAO community are realized.

FFP Elder Council

FFP Elder Council oversees the organization, processes, members, and founding team in response to the requests of ffp DAO members and reviews proposals and administrative procedures in accordance with the code of conduct.

FFP Bishop

The FFP Bishop is primarily responsible for promoting the teachings, education, conducting rituals, and way of life of the Fox Goddess, ensuring accurate transmission of beliefs to followers in decentralized governance.

Initially, the FFP Bishop's term of office is for 2 months, after which DAO members will vote for Board members.

FFP Knight Order

The Knight Order is the organization responsible for external communication and collaboration of Fox Fairy DAO, with the main purpose of maintaining cooperative relationships with other projects.

The initial term of service for the Knightly Order members is two months, after which the DAO members will vote for new members.

FFP Protocol

ffp is an ERC-20 governance and utility token used in the Fox Fairy ecosystem, used for building decentralized faith and community.

The uses of ffp are as follows:

Incentive system
ffp serves as the foundation of the reward mechanism for the Fox Fairy faith and is a tool for believers to participate in the future services and faith of the Fox Fairy project.
$ffp is the governance token of the faith system, allowing $ffp holders to participate in the governance and decision-making of FFP DAO.
Value sharing
ffp is a token with actual value in the ecosystem, providing all participants with an equal, transparent, and shared currency.
Usage rights
ffp provides access rights to certain parts of the ecosystem, such as exclusive events, exclusive roles, special services, and community access.

Distribution of FFP

The total supply of ffp tokens is permanently fixed at 1 billion, and the total supply will never increase or decrease.

Part of the tokens for project contributors will be initially locked. They will be unlocked according to the predetermined unlocking schedule in the table below, starting from the date of release.

ffp will be distributed across 7 main categories, as detailed in the table below.

14% of the FFP will be allocated to Fox Fairy Project and its derivative NFT holders.
140,000,000 tokens will be distributed to Fox Fairy and its derivative series NFT holders, to be claimed upon token release.
40% to the DAO Treasury.
Unlock 100,000,000 tokens at the time of release, and then unlock 6,250,000 tokens per month within 48 months.
14% for the founding team.
Initially locked for 12 months, followed by a monthly unlocking of 2916666.667 tokens for a duration of 48 months.
1% for charitable organizations.
Locked for 12 months initially, then 208,333.3333 tokens will be unlocked each month for the following 48 months.
14% for the early supporters, core believers, and faith organizations.
140,000,000 tokens allocated for contributors. The lock-up schedule varies based on the contributor but is one of the following: A - 10,000,000 tokens upfront, then unlock 1,041,666.667 tokens every month for 48 months. B - 10,000,000 tokens upfront, then unlock 729,166.6667 tokens every month for 48 months. C - 10,000,000 tokens upfront, then unlock 520,833.3333 tokens every month for 48 months.
16% for 5-year investors.
Initial lock-up for 12 months, then unlock 2,666,666.667 tokens per month for 60 months.
1% for advisors with 5-year vesting.
Locked for 12 months initially, followed by a monthly unlock of 166,666.6667 tokens for 60 months.

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FoxFairyProject is composed of religious, innovators, clergy, creators, developers, entrepreneurs, and artists.